Springdell Farm, Littleton MA

Joe and I have been sourcing most of our meat the last few weeks from Springdell Farm in Littleton MA. The farm is 7 miles from home, and I look forward to my visit each week! 

We absolutely love their bacon, and have tried a variety of beef including short ribs, London broil, and skirt steak. Their breakfast sausage (no casing) is also delicious! I've also been sourcing our sweet potatoes from there each week. 

Sweet potatoes are one of the items I knew might be a challenge to find when I started this project. They're a big part of our diet, and I use them in breakfasts, dinners and salads for Joe for the week. 

In talking with Jamie, who owns and operates the farm, she explained why they choose to carry the sweet potatoes they do. She partners with a farmer in Florida, who uses organic practices and has a much better climate for sweet potatoes than we do in New England. Jamie also noted that the potatoes she carries are not treated with any of the chemicals found on common grocery-store produce. Although the potatoes are grown (much) further than 20 miles from home, we're continuing to incorporate them in our weekly diet, especially as the late spring produce is still a ways off. I feel good knowing that we're supporting two smaller farms, and one of the great benefits of opening these lines of communications with your farmer is knowing that they trust the partners that they've established, so I do too!

One of the true spring joys of living in a suburban area is visiting with the baby animals that all seem to be born at once when the weather turns warm. Wandering the farm and visiting with the lambs, goats and cows is a fun respite from my typical spot in front of the computer during the afternoon, and highly recommended for any visitors!

Elizabeth LaDuca