Egg Toast with Pea Shoots

Joe and I are very pro-weekend-breakfast, and in our house Saturday and Sunday mornings generally consist of some variation of this breakfast with whatever is in season. Since I am shooting most Saturdays (in wedding season), a big breakfast is usually my only meal of the day until late in the evening, and Sundays it's great to have a recovery meal in the morning. You'll see lots and lots of eggs used on this blog. 

Finding a source for local eggs has been a bit of a side project for me for the last couple months, and we've found a favorite in Spring Brook Farm eggs. I'll likely be doing a full post in the future about our egg hunt, but for now I'll just note that we love these ones that come from a farm 7.6 miles from us. They're really pretty colors on the outside, with thin shells and bright orange yolks.

The bread for this particular breakfast is whole grain with sunflower seeds from Idylewilde Farms (.7 miles). The bacon is house grown and smoked by Springdell Farm (which is also 7.6 miles, right next to Spring Brook - a little confusing). And the pea shoots came from Barrett's Mill Farm, where we have our CSA (7.7 miles)

We like our yolks over easy or sunnyside up, but you can cook yours to your liking. 

Egg Toast with Pea Shoots

  • Whole grain bread, 2 slices
  • 3 slices thick-cut bacon
  • 2 farm eggs
  • Handful of pea shoots
  • Cracked pepper
  1. Pan fry the bacon until crisp, remove from pan and pat to remove excess grease
  2. Toast bread in toaster (or sometimes we do this is the bacon grease)
  3. Fry eggs over medium-high heat to desired doneness. 
  4. Add layers of bacon (you can put some cheese on there too), then pea shoots and then the egg. Finished with flaked salt and fresh cracked pepper
Elizabeth LaDuca