Open Face English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches

As you can see from the blog, we love weekend breakfasts! One of our favorite easy options is an open-face sandwich featuring the best english muffins! They're made locally, and are crazy delicious. Trust me, the texture on these is so much better than any english muffin you've had to this point!

They're made by Stone & Skillet, and come in a variety of flavors. The ones featured here are the wheat flavor, but we also love the plain and cinnamon raisin. And I saw them at Wegmans once before I started shopping locally! We get them from the small farm market down the street.

Our basic recipe / approach is to cook farm bacon from Springdell Farms until crispy. Then I crisp up the english muffin in a little of the bacon grease, and set that aside. Top the english muffin with bacon, a little cheese, and the sunny-side up farm eggs. And I love pea shoots on mine!

Elizabeth LaDuca