Sweet Potato and Parsnip Hash with Quail Eggs

I couldn't resist these sweet local quail eggs when I saw them at Verrill Farms a couple weeks back. They keep their own quails, so I felt good knowing they were pastured right next door, plus they're so pretty!

In addition to the eggs, I bought organic sweet potatoes, and Verrill-grown parsnips. So naturally I thought the best thing to do was make a hash! Root vegetable hashes are one of our favorite weekend breakfasts, and the parsnips add a nice rich nuttiness when caramelized with the sweet potatoes.

To make the hash, cube the parsnips and sweet potatoes, and sautee over high heat with a little olive oil. I like to get a nice hard caramelized edge on the veggies, and then I add a little water to help them steam until they're soft. I added a little fresh thyme right at the end. Sometimes we'll add some onions too!

The quail eggs are delicious sunny-side up, and cooked until the whites are set and the yolks are still creamy. I'm not used to cooking with quail eggs and found them to be a little delicate and tricky to work with. They were delicious though! Just be careful with the fragile shells!

Elizabeth LaDuca