Take the
Twenty to Table Challenge

For one week, source 80-100% of your groceries from farmers, fisherman, makers and growers that work within a 20 mile radius of where you live. You can shop for items that are a direct replacement for your typical weekly grocery list, or you can craft a new 7 day menu based on ideas on our site or inspiration from the seasonal ingredients available.

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Step 1: Shop

Do a little research before heading out for your weekly grocery trip. Find a farmers market or other collective near you, and take your time learning from each vendor where they're from and what their process involves.  

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Step 2: Enjoy

Chronicle what your weekly eating adventure looks like. We'll want to know how you enjoyed the produce you sourced, and if you noticed any differences in quality, taste or enjoyment! Take some photos to share your experience with us!

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Step 3: Report back

Let us know how it went! Will you stick with some of the new vendors you found? Did you find any elements surprising? Share your thoughts with us on the benefits and challenges you may have discovered, as well as some of your favorite new vendors!


As you embark on your week of the #twentytotable challenge, jot down a few notes. We’ll be checking in at the completion of your week to learn more about your experience. We’ll be looking for more information on the following:

  • What you got - we want to know what was included in your haul!

  • Costs (increased or decreased)

  • Benefits and challenges - did you enjoy the project, was the meat/produce noticeably better? What were some of the challenges for you?

  • Community - did you meet anyone interesting?

  • Time - please take note of how much time this takes (both sourcing and meal prep)

  • Resources - were there resources, online or otherwise, that made your search easier?

  • Enjoyment - did you like the project?

  • Continuation - will you incorporate part of your experience into your weekly routines?


Please take some iphone photos of your experience - we’d love to feature them! Snaps of your weekly haul, the markets you visited, the meals you cooked!!